High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group is pleased to announce that Akrometrix has become a member.

“As an HDP User Group member, Akrometrix is exposed to the latest directions and trends in advanced electronics packaging. By participating in HDP projects we are able to adjust our product development to keep up with new advances in the microelectronics industry.” said Neil Hubble, Vice president of Engineering.

“As one of the leaders in advanced metrology, Akrometrix is an excellent addition to the HDP User Group Membership. We look forward to Akrometrix’s participation in HDP projects and their insight into the issues and new technology being addressed.”, said Marshall Andrews, Executive Director of HDP User Group.


Akrometrix is the worldwide leader of PCB and component thermal warpage metrology systems and test services for the electronics industry. They measure at- room-temperature warpage, thermal warpage [-50C to 300C], and thermal strain of substrates, materials, and electronic components and assemblies at critical reflow temperatures. Our technologies include: Shadow Moire, Digital Fringe Projection (DFP), and Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Akrometrix equipment is capable of providing graphical, statistical, and tabular results to prove compliance to industry standards.

For more information, visit Akrometrix at www.Akrometrix.com.

About HDP User Group

HDP User Group (www.hdpug.org) is a global research and development organization based in Cave Creek Arizona, dedicated to “reducing the costs and risks for the Electronics Manufacturing industry when using advanced electronic packaging and assembly”. This international industry led group organizes and conducts R&D programs to address the technical issues facing the industry, including design, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronics assembly, and environmental compliance. HDP User Group maintains additional offices in Austin Texas, England and Singapore. For more information, visit HDP User Group on the Internet at www.hdpug.org or contact Darryl Reiner at darrylr@hdpug.org, phone number +1 480-951-1963.