Benefits of HDP User Group Membership

As a member of the world-wide electronics manufacturing infrastructure, you and your company face many challenges in producing the best product at the lowest cost. Your competitors are facing many of the same challenges, and while resolving those mutual challenges may reduce your product cost, meet a regulatory requirement, or improve performance, they do not impact your core competency or affect your competitive edge. These are Pre-competitive issues, like Government or Environmental regulations, new material performance, or new process reliability concerns, faced by all companies. Each company can work to resolve these issues independently at maximum cost to all, or they can wait and adopt a “me to” solution while sacrificing time-to-market.
The leading electronics companies have found a better way. By working together, sharing costs and risks as Members of HDP User Group International, they resolve these pre-competitive issues at minimum cost quickly and with a solution supported by the entire supply chain. This leaves the bulk of their internal resources to focus on core competencies and solve the unique issues that give them their competitive edge.

The Strengths of HDP User Group

Membership includes system integrators, contract assemblers, and the electronic supply chain.
  • The membership is focused on the electronic hardware industries, which share the same needs.
  • Our members are the leaders in their markets and are comprised of representatives from the entire electronics hardware supply chain.
  • By working together over the past 25 years, we have developed a proven effective working relationship and have completed over 50 projects.
  • Our members are the leaders in the use of technologies needed for advanced products such as next gen interconnect and materials.
  • The membership is international in scope with members in Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and USA, which is required in today’s global marketplace.
  • We have good working relationships with other consortia organizations in the field. We strive to avoid duplication of effort.
  • HDP User Group provides an environment for good interaction with members.
  • Members have access to all projects and choose which ones they want to participate in directly.
  • We do not share company IP and members have rights to all HDP User Group developed information and IP.

General Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits for members that actively participate in the HDP User Group projects.
Participation helps the companies as follows:
  • Exclusive HDP User Group member-only access to detailed project methodology, current and all past results and recommendations enabling members to apply project deliverables to their specific area of interest.
  • Immediate access to results and associated failure analysis as it becomes available allows members to leverage the benefits identified in projects at the earliest opportunity. The results, verified by several OEMs participating in the projects, can be used in place of undertaking similar costly in-house evaluations.
  • A collaborative approach, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of members representing a broad spectrum of the electronics manufacturing supply chain guarantees efficiently executed projects delivering high returns on the effort invested by our participants. Members have the opportunity to benefit from gaining direct access to these experts for guidance on deployment within their own companies.
Participation helps the individuals as follows:

General Questions

1Am I qualified to Join HDP User Group?
You must be active in the electronic packaging area in any or several of the following areas:
System Integrator Assembly House Component Supplier
Packaging Supplier Equipment Supplier Material Supplier
Consortium Consultant Educator
2What will it cost?
There are several options depending the degree of involvement desired and the profile of the company.
Yearly Corporate Revenue Corporate Memberships Executive membership
Over $50 Million USD $17,000 USD Annually $27,000 USD Annually
Under $50 Million USD $8,500 USD Annually $18,500 USD Annually
3Am I committed?
It is important for the success of the mission to have committed members. The membership dues are used to supplement project team costs to complete projects and for the central administration.

Projects are conducted by volunteers from the company membership. You must thus be prepared to participate in project work. In fact, most members say that participation in the projects is the most value they receive from membership.
1Must the membership dues be paid for the whole year?
No, there are several options. The membership dues can be paid in one, two or four installments over the fiscal year (12 months). Check the Membership Application Form for information regarding the options.
2How do I pay the first time?
There are two options:
1. Fill in and send a Membership Application Form to the Headquarters. Check Membership Application Form for instructions. You will be invoiced.
2. Send a Purchase Order to the Headquarters indicating the type of membership wanted.

Contact Us for Your Questions

Contact an HDP User Group representative below to learn how you can gain all these benefits and effectively leverage your scarce R&D resources.