Membership Benefits


Time to Market

  • Exposure to emerging global technologies and developments.
  • Immediate access to project results and failure analyses.
  • Ease adoption issues by improved understanding of tested technologies.

Priority Access

  • Membership assures that your materials will get priority over non-member materials in HDP projects.
  • Member-only access to detailed project methodology, current and past results, our library of project reports from completed projects, and recommendations.
  • HDP projects provide unbiased comparisons of new technologies and test protocols not found in the existing literature.

Operational Benefits

  • Propose and lead HDP projects using our well-defined, mature, proven project implementation process.
  • Participate in any HDP project at will and help to define the scope and implement projects, collaborating with other industry-leading members.
  • Expand industry relationships and leverage the expertise of other members by participating in projects and member meetings.

Industry Engagement

  • HDP member companies get increased recognition by being associated with award-winning papers at international conferences.
  • Utilize project data knowing that it has a high degree of recognition and credibility throughout the industry.
  • While HDP is not a standard-setting organization, projects can be designed to produce data to influence modifications to IPC and IEC and other Standards.