Cave Creek, Arizona November 1, 2016. The High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group headquartered in the United States is pleased to announce a new project ECM-2

The current industry standard test protocols were originally developed to identify highly ionic contaminant levels (halides) after a cleaning process.  These test protocols are not completely effective at identifying ECM exposures from no-clean flux residues.

Various forms of corrosion and Electro Chemical Migration failures on products that pass the current cleanliness and corrosion resistance test protocols have demonstrated that these test procedures are not totally effective.  The failure mechanism is the same regardless of what segment of the electronics industry the PCBA is used. The current testing also does not take into consideration various acceleration factors associated with no clean flux and product design features.

This is the next phase of the very successful ECM – 1 project which demonstrated the ability of the test vehicle to identify Pitting/Crevice type corrosion in the  presence of no-clean flux residues.  The aim of this portion of the project is to improve the design of the current Test Vehicle and subsequently verify the existence of Pitting/Crevice type corrosion using multiple suppliers’ fluxes and multiple types of fluxes.

The current deliverables would include developing and proposing modifications to the current IPC and JEDEC specifications used for manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards and Board Assemblies.

If you are interested in joining this project, sign up through the HDP website or contact the Project Facilitator Robert Smith at

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