High Density Packaging User Group, or HDP, created a logo at the time of its formation to reflect the relevant activities and mission statement at that time. During 2020 the HDP management set up a team to review and if possible, create a new HDP logo that would continue to reflect the Global and Collaborative DNA at the core of all HDP activities. The creation of a new logo is always a daunting activity due to legacy perceptions being maintained with a new image. That image of the organization must shine through the logo to represent the brand of the organization. The new HDP logo is presented in the accompanying Branding document as a modern icon that is used across all activities that require a brand identity to be shown. The colors are modern and have been chosen to be used across the many mediums, from the website to printed documents employed by HDP to demonstrate the international aspects of the organization.

To maintain the integrity of the HDP logo and brand, any uses of the HDP logo must adhere to the Brand Usage Document. Any use of the logo outside the approved methods in the Brand Usage Document must receive written approval from the HDP User Group Board of Directors. For questions, please contact the HDP staff listed in the document. We hope you will accept the new logo with all the excitement and enthusiasm we have in creating it and presenting it to you.